In the pursuit of learning or gaining education humans have resorted to several modes and methodologies out of which the most popular being ‘case studies’.

If one is a B-school scholar, they are taught extensively via case studies or they have to learn by examples. Similarly, if one is supposed to prove a point/concept/phenomenon/etc. of anything under any sort of trial whether judicial, media, public, etc. they are required to present instances or examples to establish the veracity of their concept.

Same sort of exemplary analysis is called forth when one pitches to an Angel or VC. Almost all the pitch formats contain a section of proof of concept or example or existing prototypes, potential and existing rivals, etc. However in the case of VCs it somewhat is understandable but in the case of Angels who fund start-ups and virtually provide mere seed capital and also seek exit route after having made enormous of gains from the business entity, and above all, seek barriers to entry of potential rivals in the new concept as the new concept sought by them has to possess novelty. Now here, the question arises that if these demands, i.e.:-

i.) Novelty of concept
ii.) Barriers to rival entry (at least until they exit)
iii.) Preference to prototypes ready
iv.) Exit after turning green field to brown field
v.) Exemplary analysis or proof/proves

A really wise and witty being in this universe would wonder up to what level human wit or intelligence has grown since the inception of this species on Earth.

When they seek exemplary proves or analysis, the above i.) gets automatically discharged by itself as when there are already existing examples of the concept, it cannot by any means and under any circumstances be novel.

Under the point ii.) above, barriers are desired as the concept is supposed to be novel but as conceptualized by human(s), can be imitated by other human(s) too, hence barrier or protection sought. On this one, if there is already a prototype or case study possible (as ‘case study’ itself reveals existence of the same or at least very similar case in the past) then there can never exist novelty now in the real time as under consideration and ever hence forth and the already existing prototype can be easily adopted by anyone at all, hence no question of novelty or pure/true angel funding. This way, desired case study/examples along with and as well as iii.) above , automatically discharge ii.) above.

The point iii.) above is contradictory to the i.) above hence both get counter discharged.

When iv.) as proved above, i.) cannot be accomplished, then automatically it is established that no ‘as called’ green field can ever exist in the given circumstances.

Considering v.) for exemplary proof/proves, this v.) gets discharged by individual as well as collective action of i.), ii.), iii.) & iv.) above.

So, the way a pitch is adjudged, assessed or pondered over scraps the virtue of existence of Angel funding at all i.e. the prime feature of Angel funding or funding New ideas/concepts/technologies/methodologies or whatsoever. Hence a proper or perfect Angel funding is possible iff (if and only if) case studies or exemplary explanation/analysis are weeded out from the assessment system. The above discussion therefore proves that all funding done and sought till date on the lines above i.e. i.) through v.) above, is only venture funding/venture capital employment and not seed funding as it majorly complies with the norms of Venture Funding and way off from chaste Angel funding.

Having said all that as above, the purpose of Angel Funding can never and cannot ever be accomplished unless way is given to ‘cause and effect relationship’ study, which is contrary to exemplary analysis.

Now coming to the case studies in B-schools, on the job training, and for that matter any sort of training/coaching/ instructing/teaching/tutoring/etc. at all, the adoption of case study or exemplary analysis has acted as a speed breaker in the path of progress or advancement of humankind or of all kinds. This is because if we undergo this mode, we are confined to what already exists, thereby leaving no scope for future advancement, and hence whatever is our present remains the future. But once we eject case studies or exemplary analysis from our academic or any sort of higher learning or decision making system and encourage ‘cause and effect relationship’ we would grow with leaps and bounds. And for those who are skeptical to ‘cause and effect relationship’ and still want to learn by example which is only suitable for primary level education, the effectiveness of cause and effect relationship can be proved to them by the examples of all those revolutionaries whose ideologies and vision made the world keep advancing and to those who these skeptics still pursue, but are reluctant to pursue the likes of them yet. This sort of mental or temperamental or ideological deficiency has lead to heavily sluggish growth or advancement of humankind as regards science, technology, resources, living standard, lifestyle, etc. Hence, it is crucial to quote a list of a few such revolutionaries, visionaries, successful legends and so who have made none but all to follow them:-

i.) George Washington
ii.) Benjamin Franklin
iii.) Abraham Lincoln
iv.) John D Rockefeller
v.) Steve Jobs
vi.) Michael Dell
vii.) William Henry Gates III
viii.) Thomas Alva Edison
ix.) James Watt
x.) Columbus
xi.) Sir Isaac Newton
xii.) Albert Einstein
xiii.) Charles Babbage
xiv.) Alexander The Great
xv.) Prof. Stephen Hawking
xvi.) Srinivas Ayenger Ramanujam
xvii.) Michael Jackson
xviii.) And continuing………………………………. ∞

Now the question arises that despite of all these above instances and many more, people prefer case studies which include the studies of the likes of those enlisted above but never duly adopt ‘cause and effect relationship’ as all the listed above, barring none, and the likes of them adopted for themselves in absolute faith and endorse the same for all others as evident by quotes below:-

* If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. - John D. Rockefeller *

* The rational man adapts himself to the world; the irrational one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the irrational man. - George Bernard Shaw *

* Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. - Steve Jobs *

Apart from all discussed and assumed, it is so much so that the phrases like ‘laws defying gravity’ emerged and persist and are used/abused with gay abandon. So, to the skeptics and examples seeking extremists, it is now time to say ‘Yes’ we advocate laws defying gravity and only hence ‘Antigravity’ in Physics has evolved and established as a topic of research and analysis and is poised to come to proper existence when the Newtonian Physics i.e. all that physics that we learn, know and understand today will have to be re-written.

Now in this pessimistic phrase ‘laws defying gravity’ and the research and accomplishments in the fields of Antigravity automatically prove that ‘case study’ or ‘proving/convincing by examples’ hinder progress and bring no novelty and only ‘laws defying gravity’ can, i.e. the Cause and Effect Relationship which provides scope to the Laws Defying Gravity. Now, if an Angel lends their ear to a pitch, how can they be explained of, and how will be they able to imbibe Antigravity or ‘laws defying gravity’ pitch?

It is only pursuing these ‘laws defying gravity’ that Einstein could prove the possibility of time travel and teleportation, and probably conducted the much controversial Philadelphia Experiment with partial success which if performed with in perpetual succession with improvements would probably give absolute success.

Besides, we all, or the whole Humanity wants good leaders, legends and visionaries.

Now who is a visionary?

A visionary cannot be a person with hind sight because the past is already discovered and experienced and case studies not needed as situation or circumstances on occurrence automatically teach everyone well, but a visionary is one who foresees the destinies which is only possible through ‘cause and effect relationship’ analysis, as future otherwise, is unpredictable. Only a good visionary can be legendary, leader, lovable, triumphant, etc with all these blessings bestowed on them by nature attributable to their virtue of power of foresight [Refer:- ‘Jay’s Law of Leadership’ for sole virtue of a successful/perfect leader, where it is proved that ‘leadership traits’ is an utter myth. ‘Powerfulness’ is the sole virtue of a leader and whatever trait they exhibit becomes the trend or leadership trait, similar to what successful (possessing power of success)/elite celebrities wear comes in vogue, be it torn gunny trousers contrary to denim, half specs, specs with single eye lens, and whatever, and all sorts of their weird monologues/dialogues being chanted by the mass like or even better than stanza from any sacred book.]

Now reaching at this point, however, it is significant to endorse ‘case studies’ only for day to day routine or mundane jobs only for novices, but when we expect such petty matters can be learnt as easily as ‘automation’ itself, there is barely any need to specifically or deliberately concentrate on them with full focus, as is done today, as these things are learnt automatically under pure common sense and require experience and human brain has automatic tendency to learn by experience, though in this era Windows XP (where XP stands for ‘Experience’) can not. Thus, we should primarily focus on ‘cause and effect’ while ‘exemplary analysis’ under case study is an automatic phenomenon.

Now, what does it take to become capable of cause and effect relational analysis?

On an average, by the time one reaches the age of majority, say, 18 years or so, in generic in the given global scenario of this era, they have already gained enough rudimentary knowledge of actions, reactions, phases, phenomena, etc. and hence they have already become competent enough to build up any type of base for any type of building, where ‘building’ stands for any success oriented unproven or novel concept. Now, in order to evolve a novel concept we need only ‘cause and effect relationship’ analysis. Like, case study of social contacts and interactions of human beings, being carried out via social media is automatically done with all due results imbibed, accepted and declared by all human brains. Now if we make exemplary analysis or case study, then by going through the trend would consider as Cisco Inc. being IoT leader or dominant to it what it calls IoE, being technically sufficient and dominating, the propagation in this regard, etc. and ‘apparently’ achieving its goals. But the ground reality can be checked only and solely by ‘cause and effect relationship’ with no technical experience required in this context. Now taking real or actual scenario, the business entities which are eyeing and trying to grab that US$ 17 Trillion jackpot of net profits to be made in the upcoming 10 years (as estimated by Cisco Inc.)

a.) Under Case Study:-
are Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Samsung, Apple, AT & T and the likes. And as IoT is a techno-based project (cooperative project) is luring all these techno-companies and ‘apparently’ the coming days of internet or IoT are of those of these techno-giants. This is what case studies and experience reveals. But for sure and certain this ‘apparent’ capitalization on the opportunity by these techno-giants is subjected to pure hypothetization.

b.) Under ‘Cause and Effect Relationship’:-
Now for the same scenario we will not take any case study or experience into account as we all have rudimentary knowledge, generic experience and common sense well in place. Hence as the case study says that as IoT is a communication between all devices connected to the WWW and Cisco is making advancement and trying to take the lead and hence is most likely to emerge the leader and self proclaimed dominant or monopolist or whatsoever. And in case, case study bars Cisco, then it will analyze the advancement of Intel, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Samsung, Apple, AT & T, etc. in this regard.

But ‘Cause and effect Relationship’ regards all the above as paper tigers with bogus claims with none of the above mentioned business entities gaining any noteworthy position in the domain of IoT. The ‘cause and effect relationship’ here utilizes common sense and defies experiences and claims of all these majors. The ‘cause and effect relationship’ with common sense, and remaining undeterred by the scenario and ruckus created by these majors, asserts that after all, no matter what, those devices are owned, meant to be owned, meant to remain owned, meant to (communicate, interact, or function) only in the interest of human beings and it is only these sentiments driven humans who will choose service provider most suited to them.

Now, when these sentiments driven humans are connected to other sentiments driven humans by the bond of sentiments through social networking sites will definitely be dependent on others connected to them via social networking sites regarding operation and use of the devices they connect to the WWW, besides their own social networking service may offer them a ‘one-stop’, ‘under one-roof’, ‘single window’ mode or likewise subscription to all what IoT, and for that matter all what absolute WWW has to offer in its entirety. Hence any such IoT services offered by FB which already has the largest number of subscribers will be sold far better than hot cakes and is bound to be dominant and monopolist as it is in the field of social networking for humans now.

Now, how about the self proclaimed IoT leaders?

These can merely be service providers to FB on the pattern of ‘manufactured by’ and ‘marketed by’. So, no wonder but most likely be, that we may see ‘manufactured by Cis Inc.’ and ‘marketed by FB Inc.’ It can even be that FB may having upper hand suppress the identity of the manufacturer and project itself as the manufacturer or coordinator or convener or the like and there remain no name of these techno- giants. Now whatever the case may be, but it is obvious that the marketer secures windfall like gains in $$$$$$$ while manufacturers secure what is also known as ‘peanuts to the monkeys’.

So where case study or ‘exemplary study’ buttresses and ponders over only in a confined manner between the lines of examples and experiences and gets carried away by the scenario created by the techno-majors, the ‘cause and effect relationship’ studies root causes on the basis of facts or factual information without getting influenced by the much hue and cry made by techno- business houses, and just as science is proved by mathematics, and mathematics is never wrong, it proves supremacy of FB in the IoT domain, whether or not FB makes any claims. And if FB does not make appropriate move in this regard viz. IoT, the ‘cause and effect relationship’ will treat it as a management failure, decision failure or any grave internal crisis of FB.

But as it is that FB too has many setbacks and is and most likely never will be able to establish a bond between itself and its subscribers, just as Orkut couldn’t, though now almost all individuals and institutions are with FB, yet when a proper media platform is ready, like that of Jay, owing to his meticulously devised strategy, will create a magnetic field and attract all the social networking subscribers and that too with such a bond like that between a Pious being and his Almighty, Parent and their Progeny, Siblings and their Siblings/Counterpart(s), Drug Addicts’ inclination towards their Drugs, Love Stuck and their Beloved and so on. And hence if any new entrant, like Jay, is also a high-end mathematician can also dominate technology, thereby is most likely; though not surely, as nothing is sure in this world in this era, at least since inception of era of humans on earth; to dominate the entire Social Media, IoT, and for that matter the entire WWW, still further, the entire cyber space, and further still entire IT & Telecom and allied sectors, the units of which will automatically be seeking space under the flagship of the New Entrant’s Virtual World/Universe.

But as it is, that skepticism has to prevail and the above instances above (a.) & (b.) have to be challenged by the virtue of so called intellectual being customary and hence may challenge the antecedent instance on the grounds of being in-verifiable as it is a matter of future as on date, no matter common human sense and whatever verification takes is furnished and verifies/validates it, hence to their satiation real life instance is called forth. For this we may take a past instance which has already occurred and is live and loud instance of the effectiveness of ‘cause and effect relationship’i.e. that of FB at conceptual stage.

All would believe that the life that one and all prefer should be colourful. None wants monotony. None wants to be in dungeon. Everybody seeks window to see the colourful outside world, and hence Mr. Gates took a team of media people inside a submarine in order to reveal how life is without windows. Now in our case, when Orkut is already dominant and its masters being already dominant too in the entire internet space, and Orkut being colourful, who could understand the validity of results of case study, as could it ever forecast demise of Orkut and rise of FB? The reason is FB’s primary colour being blue as Zuck, a kid at 19, is colour blind and can behold neither Red, nor Green but only Blue. It is only these 3 primary colours which help formation of all the colours visible to human eyes, but a single color, as Blue, cant form any other colour, hence it has to be either Blue, Black ( as in dark) or White. Consider, RRGGBB format. Hence, in the above situation under case study even the possibility of second subscriber to FB is ruled out, Zuck being the first and the last. But Cause and Effect Relationship says that under social networking Humans will inter-communicate, and the communication between and among them will be the only focus which is bound to be colourful, such as, pictures, banners, videos, messages and all that is to communicated, posted, beheld within the Blue platform hence there appears no cause to bother the ‘Primary Blue’. This paves the way of FB into the social networking domain, even without any suggestion to keep the primary portion colorful (at least optionally, like with skins) as if not Zuck, but his substitutes/aides can see all colours. And now the evident result says the rest of all.

Thus, this is what is, superiority of ‘cause and effect relationship’, and it possesses supremacy among all modes of studies/analysis. This is called ‘Jay’s Supreme Mode of Analysis’

Hence for rapid, perfect, sound development of Humankind and promoting true ‘Humanhood’ it is advised to prioritize ‘cause and effect relationship’ and keep case studies or exemplary studies for primary grade students or as pastime or for amusement where one entertains as well as learn something to some extent.

NB ‘Case Study’ is many a times confused with ‘cause and effect relationship’, as ‘case students’ claim that they study a case and study the cause of it and the effect is the case itself, or the result of the case is case itself. But it is important to note while pure case study mandatorily demands cause as well as its effect to have occurred in past and hence study in compliance of that past. While pure ‘cause and effect relationship’ does not pin point any past occurrences but automatically utilizes generic experience or simple logic or common sense without referring past occurrences but referring only present and likely possible situation, while the knowledge or common sense developed in the same or other fields (aka generic common sense) is absentmindedly and automatically applied or utilized. The above (a.) and (b.) instance throws sufficient light on this topic and makes the matters crystal clear.

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