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This section is meant for guiding the interested people regarding online businesses established and further development.
At times several queries crop up in the minds of decision makers. Some substantial ones can be satiated here:-

1. I am a beginner. What are the basics of an online or an online based or supported offline startup? Or How to establish online startup?

Ans. It is imperative to research on which ideas could be profitable in the market, and then out of these which suit one’s own personality, as it I the individual or a group of individuals who will be carrying out business according to their own personality. Hence, in accordance with personality the most rewarding can be selected. In case offline business suits one’s personality and seems to be more promising, there seems to be no need to shy away from selecting the offline one, and giving online support. After all the selection needs to be more promising and rewarding along with being comfortable for operation, as desired results can be achieved only thereafter.
However, all skills can be gained and attempts can be made to transact any kind of business, but what is significant is will power, hence testing this element of will is significant. Thus, one needs to assure themselves that they will get along unfazed against deterrants and have that ultimate endurance and patience, they may get into anything at all. Hence it’s a matter of testing and deciding or of self assessment.

2. I am doing considerably good and want to be among few top players in the online market. How to accomplish this goal?

Ans. Under these circumstances a thorough analysis of the situation is the need. At this point of situation the following points are significant:-

i. Focus on quality and consumer satisfaction.

ii. Social prominence and reliability.

iii. Association and acceptability with other players in the market.

iv. Availability of the required budget to scale.

The list of points above is not exhaustive. Further, some operators in the online market have created such an ecosystem that any small or medium operator cannot gain real benefits of the internet. They have to make these majors earn a lot, should they make for themselves a little. Again, no matter small and medium operators suffer losses, these majors still gain as business already given to them under profits.
Moreover, if small and medium operators need to expand more, they must make these major operators earn even much more. Clearly, in order to gain little benefits, the small and medium operators have to attribute major outcome to these major operators. It can be said that small and medium operators exert majorly in their interest and minorly in their own.
Thus, small and medium operators syndication should be sought wisely as far as possible, which is almost impossible as the major players are always in a position to lure the elements of this syndicate with immediate benefits. Also, least possible use of big platforms should be made. It is to be remembered that these top operators impose penalties on small operators without assigning any complete reason and evidences and only unilaterally take action. Thus for net neutrality small and medium operators should be more prone to syndication rather than relying upon top global operators. Like, if 100 units of advertising is required, it can be accomplished by using 10 different small and reliable advertisers rather than one major top global advertiser in the current scenario. This way, organic presence will be strengthened, and chances of bypassing the top majors will enhance, thereby facilitating utilization of full profits potential of the internet.

3. I am one of the top few globally acclaimed online majors. How to revamp the entire online system to be able to be left alone at the top knocking off all rivals. OR How to be a monopolist?

Ans. Monopoly is not supported by states in general, unless private understandings are made with the politicos or executive. Besides, there are adverse sentiments towards monopoly everywhere. But to a fully potent and competent operator, these things never matter at all. They persist and accomplish targets. The world never runs on pure sentiments and sentiments can be swayed in desired direction, just as mood swings occur. However, we need to calculate public or mass good. In general public good can be brought about over and above the existing decentralized system, and so much of global populace can gain and advance more, there remains no need to be foolish and live in harm to the entire humanity. Human sentiment is to resort to whatever is beneficial and favorable, and this overall favorability without unduly harming others sets the standards for morals or determines morality itself. To keep dragging incompetent and burdensome is never acceptable. Thus, monopoly can be fully justified with overall human betterment and benefits.
Now, to attain monopoly, factors to be made favorable are:-

i. Influence on global states

ii. Influence on the currency system like crypto currency

iii. Influence on the payment system or modes of payment

iv. Availability of the required budget

v. Quality of being justifiably assertive

With the aid of the above and more, along with requisites particular to the nature of business the desired results can be achieved, along with business intelligence.

What is business intelligence?
Different people define business intelligence different ways according to their own school of thoughts, and variety of school of thoughts exist, and counting. Thus in general all ideologies and activities that may lead to business sustenance and development come under business intelligence. Of course their working may also be similar to a state intelligence agency. Some business houses are also sponsored by or aligned with top global intelligence agencies.


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