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Plethora of hosting services are available at our disposal. Different sorts are suitable to for different respective business units depending upon individual unit’s and the management’s/owner’s traits.

Each category of hosting entails several players in the market and they come with a variety of features. There are options of combination of price-quality within each hosting service provider, and also there are different options as regards different hosting service providers.

Sometimes, when some individuals are willing to take hosting services while running projects on hit and trial basis, simply cheap services are sought with little quality consideration. But out of these some are seriously willing to test the waters, hence under such circumstances, things could not be taken for granted and good quality tests have to be performed, hence good hosting services at optimum costs are required, decisions have to be made accordingly.

Good tests are always performed on cloud hosting system. Later, dedicated system can be resorted to. A good technocrat is always able to operate with high-tech services on cloud system. After all, even when extraordinarily high degree of expansion or scaling is sought even previously limited sustenance servers or their capacity has to be enhanced, hence it I one and the same thing to scale on the same server or to scale across servers or to migrate from server to server.

The consideration of hosting in the above citation is not absolute, hence individualistic needs have to be complied with. Besides, there are new options coming up every now and then, hence decisions have to be promptly made there and then and on individual circumstances basis. There are no hard and fast generic rules and under the current online economic scenario there can never be.


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We have category wise extremely influential domains of all domain categories. We have virtual reality domain names, business domain names, automotive, Main Stream, medical, education, tips, and so on.

We have domains to lease from $80 to $650 mn / month. Equity options are open.

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