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1. – Gift items sales portal. The USP vests in the domain name itself. The surfer while surfing appropriate portal for gift item booking like cakes, bouquet, teddy, photo printed items, special gift items and the like have to be lucky to get the link or URL or domain or portal or website address where they get lucky. Thus, when they reach or get here, they are Lucky to get.
Similarly, while someone books or registers for a gift for someone like friends, parents, teachers, spouse, paramour and so on and so forth. They have in mind that it is their fortune that they got them, hence, they are lucky to get.
Again, in the gift recipient who receives the gift, emerges the sentiment to lucky to get such a person who sent them the gift, hence for the sender and the gift itself, they are lucky to get.
Thus this domain culminates gifting sentiment on all counts, is more memorable, more meaningful and more binding than any of the rival domain names, hence always maintaining upper hand for the portal operator as well as all other parties pertaining to it, as regards gifting.

2. Seropt stands for service option. This is an e-commerce oriented domain name for items specific to service. It is not necessary that service industry to be only taken to count but wherever service motive exists, which of course appeals the potential surfers and customers, seropt becomes to be influential.
This option can be availed for truly software, soft copies, services like computer programs aid audio-visuals like video store, online audio-video, app store, software download, SAAS, booking for computer network formation service or network maintenance service, hardware maintenance service of sorts and so on and so forth. All such are in the service sector and this domain suits all, however not only limited to these.
Else, service oriented industry items like power, energy, fuel or apparatus items set pertaining to these like battery, chargers, fuel dispensing devices, etc. could also be taken as services. At inception of this web domain, this category has been dominant in the web portal.
However, under this option, strategically and service orientedly almost everything can be taken to count. However, the basic idea was that there are abundant of e-commerce portals for all hardware or hard items, hence for majorly software, soft copies, service bookings, including the likes of hotel or flight bookings this web domain be used, which is on its way i.e. in the mode of scaling, as regards current status while composing this write-up.

3. This domain is compliant to both new as well as entertainment media and also a combo thereof. It is Hindi language oriented which is language of Indians. And also, as Indian diaspora is the biggest diaspora in the world, it is globally acclaimed. The domain is top rated for propagation optimization of all Hindi and pertaining items and entities.

4. This is a web domain entailing al features needed by a women appealing porn material or the media that holds or propagates or communicates it. This comes with features which can be utilized by women appealing porn website operators. Now it is obvious when it is pertaining to desires of women, and men naturally get inclined towards women craved things out of curiosity and all otherwise hence they also get better appealed, however firstly it fully entails women as can be the only fully compliant option for them. Now, as it is women’s desire, men are bound to be or desirous in it, rather than on anything else.
Thus, as almost all porn available is men oriented, this purely women oriented domain helps create a polarization of all genders together sticking to it via this web domain name. Of course, the website or portal strategy has to be devised accordingly so as to utilize all what this domain has to offer.
At there is so much of porn available on the internet that people are bewildered and frustrated as to which one to stick as so many come on their way. Their frustration is very notable and a matter of greatest concern in the porn industry. Hence at inception, this domain is simply an information provider in a clear cut and easy manner so as to save time of the surfer and land them where they would ultimately want after much surfing hassles.
In the mean while it is being used for helping surfers to directly reach the desired and the meaningful, and sidelining the wasteful that shroud the real treasure.


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