Leadership Encyclopedia– ‘Jay’s Law of Leadership’

Since the inception of life on Earth, toil for survival and success is taking place by all intelligent beings who possess brains at all. The motive of all is survival and success, in the matters of beings like animals, success for them is merely procuring edible stuff this is for their survival as well as success. But since the World came into being, and any of the beings who gained even the minutest of intelligence have always been goal oriented i.e. they have some goals in mind like hunt for food and comfortable and compatible surroundings in the quest of which they wander. Read More


In the current era, no more brilliant living beings are known to life than homo sapiens. Barring Mythology, as it sounds myth(ology), pondering over genuine reasons, humans have evolved in different parts of the world, at different times, the time difference not necessarily being much, defying the single pair of Adam and Eve concept at the inception of humanity, on scientific grounds. Read More

The Mingling Code

There are several ways in which men and women willingly or unwillingly mingle-up. There have been instances of devotion of females to clerics/god-men as discovered by social-scientists, live-ins, ravishing, marriages, free love and the like. All forms of such relationships or the way men and women mingle can be categorized into two parts i.e. consensual and forcible and are subject to psychological condition one is undergoing or is subjected to, according to individual circumstances or of the times. Read More