Jay’s Law Of Progress Limitation

There have been several physical or natural laws, postulates and theories being propounded by several scholars from time to time. Some such laws may be resultants of mere observations of real time trends which may fade out eventually and some may be hard and fast holding good for ever or a very long time. On the observation of several myths popping up these days the author was compelled to propound a physical law which is an umbrella law or mainstream law and several other laws are subsidiaries to it. This law has been propounded to direct the studies in the appropriate direction. This law has been named as Jay’s Law of Progress Limitation being propounded by Jay. According to this law, ‘Nature and nature induced forces act in limiting the progress of any entity like a phenomenon, etc.’. It is important to note that this law is applicable only in finite scenario. Under infinity, like and space and time, different laws may be applicable. Here, it is appropriate to use the word ‘Limitation’ in the law as such limitations can be observed in different ways. For instance, a phenomenon may grow but the pace of growth keeps on decreasing. This can be exemplified by the analysis of a situation where the more the amount of capital introduced in a business sector the lesser becomes the rate of returns.

In another instance, a phenomenon may grow at a constant or variable pace but the growth halts at a particular stage which may be called saturation point. Here we can take the instance of saturation point in Chemistry at which no more solute dissolves in the solvent at that given temperature. Likewise, we can study the victory campaign of Alexander where the campaign has to halt after covering the whole globe as no other geography left to conquer. Even at the farthest stretch of imagination if we assume the conqueror making foray into another planet then the life span of conqueror will limit the campaign as before he or humankind gains access to another life sustaining planet he will decease.

In another instance, a phenomenon may proceed up to a certain point and then start receding and may ultimately fade away. For exemplary analysis we can take the instance of an ailment being rampant in a geographical region but ultimately its progress recedes and eventually the ailment is eliminated by medical or remedial intervention. In this case even at the farthest stretch of imagination the progress of ailment will eventually stop after covering all in the region for the want of more living beings to be infected and will ultimately vanish with those infected.

So under above analysis we find that numerous physical laws such as Malthusian Theory of Population, Law of Diminishing Returns, Metcalfe’s Law, Moore’s Law, etc. are all governed by Jay’s Law of Progress Limitation. Here ‘Limitation’ is a generalized term used being the best representative of ‘diminishing’, ‘proceeding, receding and vanishing’, ‘saturation’, ‘erratic lagging’, etc.

At this point of time my objective to make this law public is merely to make the global mass aware that there is no need to panic from any kind of scientific progress as before any situation of ‘explosion’positive natural and nature induced checks will operate. This is particularly necessary to understand in the context of intelligence explosion where some scientists are inculcating undue fear in the minds of the global mass by propagating the concept of human like intelligent machines will further develop more intelligent machines and the machines so developed will develop even more intelligent machines and so on and so forth which will lead to a very high degree of intelligence and still keep to increment at a rapid pace which will create catastrophic effect. The possibility of any such ‘intelligence explosion’ can summarily be rejected as for each higher degree of intelligence more resources will be required. Assuming if human level intelligence were to be obtained with the use of silicon chip, however which cannot be the reality, then for any higher degree of intelligence some other material then silicon may be required and then search for such material will be called forth which will require appropriate searching aids and if such a material is located it may as distant as light years then the means for fetching that material or transportation will be called forth, and then on its procurement a research under appropriate conditions will be required to utilize that material in the required manner. We can call all such hurdles as positive checks for intelligence progress. Thus here, the author propounds a law called Jay’s Law of Lagging Intelligence Growth, a subsidiary to Jay’s Law of Progress Limitation which defies the extremely popular concept of ‘intelligence explosion’. According to this Jay’s Law, the intelligence degree may go on to increment but at a reduced rate. Thus, on a scale of natural numbers we regard human level intelligence at 10, then to achieve the next level which may be at 10.2 or 1.8 or 11 or 11.2 or 12 and so on, but reaching this level will require a very long time. Thus it is clear that though each increment may not be of equal capacity or erratic progress may take place i.e. there may be fluctuations in the measurement of degrees incremented and in the time taken for each of such increments but all this will happen at a very low pace such that the growth rate is almost negligible over time.

This is also evident by exemplary analysis of intelligence of swine which never created intelligence to the level of canine, and canine never created intelligence to the level of ape, and ape never created intelligence equivalent to humans. Though for this we have valid excuse at among all the beings on earth only human being possesses the competence to create intelligence, but then, it is also evident that despite of thousands of years of human evolution on earth they have not been able to create intelligence anywhere close to human level and the machines still work on GIGO mode. This inevitable evidence makes it clear that even when human level of intelligence will be produced it will be very time consuming to acquire any further degree of intelligence, and so on. Thus the concept of ‘intelligence explosion’ and concerns or matters pertaining to it automatically get discharged from human consideration and the huge volumes of information on predicted future and everything pertaining to it available worldwide is merely a figment of the imagination and way far off from reality.

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